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This is plugin that works in conjunction with Excel-Like Product Manager for WooCommerce.

Allows centralized control of import and export of multiple sites.

Get it  NOW!, price: 10.00€ (~$10.2)

This plugin adds two additional abilities to Excel-Like Product Manager for WooCommerce.


1. Working with MS Excel .xlsx files. CSV files offten have problem becuse they can easly brak data. When using XLSX you don't have to worry about those things.

2. You can import/export data using single site to multiple other sites.


- You can do import/export from/to number of client sites running Excel-Like Product Manager for WooCommerce

- You can also use is on single site if it is client and control site in same time

- You can import/export CSV or XLSX files


Get it  NOW!, price: 10.00€ (~$10.2)


Get it  NOW!, price: 10.00€ (~$10.2)





Get it  NOW!, price: 10.00€ (~$10.2)