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This Joomla/VirtueMart component can turn your restaurant delivery process or delivery process in any form of company that follows such steps into the organised conveyor belt.

SEE FRONT-END DEMO (username/password: Guest/Guest)

- Monitor instant changes / new incoming order

- You can configure an unlimited number of users to have terminal access (You don't need to give this users backend access)

- Each terminal can be configured to display orders of certain statuses

- Each terminal can be configured to have the capability of changing certain or all statuses of order

- On new order reception terminal can be configured to play sound

- On new order reception terminal can be configured to blink.

- Optimized for touchscreen

- 'Full screen' button available

- Termal printer app for Windows 7+ included inside of package zip


 React immediately - you will get blinking and/or sound notification


This is a perfect tool to organize your production/delivery line.



BACKEND LINK: <your site url>/administrator/index.php?option=com_vmorderawaitingpanel

FRONTEND LINK: <your site url>/index.php?option=com_vmorderawaitingpanel


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